About Us


Forage Aid’s objective is to relieve suffering of farm animals by providing feed, bedding and/or transportation at the discretion of the trustees to those affected by extreme weather events.  

This will be achieved by using donations and pledges from within the farming community and the ancillary industries.

There are eight trustees on the board and they have all played an active role in setting up of Forage Aid.

Here they explain why they are involved with the charity.


Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward founded Forage Aid in response to the snows of spring 2013 that affected thousands of sheep in Wales.

“As an arable farmer I hadn't fully appreciated how hard it can be rearing livestock. The heavy snowfalls in March 2013, changed this for me and many others. I was so moved by scenes on TV of sheep starving and dying in the deep snow, I donated haylage I would normally sell and asked others to do the same. Through the tremendous support of the farming community and ancillary companies, Forage Aid was born. The help that Forage Aid gave to the flood stricken farmers in the Somerset Levels in 2014 further highlighted the need for this type of charitable support. This is why I am committed to ensuring that Forage Aid will be there to help farmers in future weather related disasters"

James and Jenny Winslade

James and Jenny Winslade farm in Somerset.  Their herd of 550 beef cattle had to be evacuated during the floods of 2013/14 and their story hit the national headlines.  Once housed in their emergency accommodation the Winslades set about making an appeal for donations for fodder as theirs was underwater and unreachable.  

“Being faced with the emergency and immediate evacuation of 550 beef animals from rapidly rising Somerset flood water makes you realise there is no help out there! James, Rebecca and myself, with a lot of help from volunteers and private businesses, set up and ran the biggest UK movement of forage.  If James and I can pass the knowledge gleaned in those hectic, stressful few weeks into Forage Aid so there is help for farmers facing a similar seemingly insurmountable task then the experience has a positive ending for us. We want to be able to give back to the farming community to thank them for their immense generosity to us in our time of need.”

Rebecca Horsington

Rebecca Horsington was with the Winslades right from the beginning helping to first evacuate their cattle, then sourcing forage.

“What started out as helping my friends and neighbours turned into a massive exercise of generosity from the farming community. I want to be able to help those in need in a similar situation. “

Ed Ford

Ed Ford saw the plight of Somerset on the TV from his home in Essex.

“The first thing that sprung into my mind was not the animal welfare, but was the farmers’ welfare. I knew that if I could help supply the forage to the Somerset, it was one less worry for the farmers. It's bad enough having your homes flooded and livestock evacuated without the added worry of how you are going to feed them.”

Tom Hind

Tom Hind was Director of  Agriculture at Tesco at the time of the Somerset Floods.

“Having seen the images of the flooding on TV, my colleagues at Tesco & I were determined to see what support we could lend. We responded immediately to a call to support with haulage of forage from farms across the country, which Tesco backed up with logistical expertise to help volunteers manage donations from other farmers. In my experience adversity often brings out the best in British agriculture and as someone who's been part of the industry throughout my career I'm delighted to be involved in supporting Forage Aid"

Edward Roach

Edward Roach was Sales and Marketing Manager of JCB Agriculture at the time of the Somerset floods.  He is now Regional Sales Director of G&J Peck Ltd.

“After watching the devastation of the Somerset flooding unfold on the news, the team at JCB Agriculture and I knew we had to help.  We quickly deployed an initial shipment of machines to help with the unloading, loading and transportation of forage.  Following a video plea from Andrew Ward for additional machines due to an overwhelming supply of feed, we followed this with a second shipment.  I am incredibly pleased that the association with Forage Aid has continued, ensuring we are well placed to react to any future freak weather incidents, whilst allowing a British company that is committed to British Agriculture to support our farmers in their hour of need.”

Mike Buchan

Mike Buchan was the Commercial Director of GrowHow UK and is now Commercial Director of CF Fertilisers UK.

“When contacted by Andrew Ward in 2013 seeking any help we could offer, GrowHow, along with our haulage partner DR & FA Ford Transport Limited, were pleased to become involved with Forage Aid by providing transport for feedstuffs to snow-bound farmers in Wales and Cumbria. The following year we again became involved after the serious flooding in the South West. "Supporting this initiative which is designed to help our farmer customers in times of distress is now an on-going commitment for our company.”