Wanted: regional co-ordinators

We are currently seeking people to volunteer to be Regional Co-ordinators, a role that is essential in supporting the charity at a local level to ensure its aims and objectives can be carried out effectively during times of crisis.

Forage Aid arranges for donations of feed, forage and bedding to be delivered to farmers who have been affected by a severe weather event or Act of God, and there is a ‘clear and present risk of livestock suffering’, always ensuring animal welfare is at the forefront of the charity’s aims.

The Regional co-ordinator would become the face of Forage Aid in their given geographical area or county, working closely with representatives from RABI and The Farming Community Network (FCN).They support the work of the charity’s Trustees on the ground.

This is a volunteer role for which no salary or honorarium is offered, however reasonable travel expenses will be paid. Regional Co-ordinators are appointed by and report to the Trustees of Forage Aid.

Key accountabilities

  • Has understanding of likely risk areas and builds contacts with farmers to raise awareness of work of Forage Aid
  • Assesses the emergency needs of livestock farmers that have been affected by an extreme natural weather event such as flooding, freak storms etc
  • Builds a picture from the ground of the short-term needs of farmers affected eg quantities of feed, forage or bedding that may be required
  • Ensure that persons receiving aid via the Charity are in genuine need of help
  • Helps to identify potential donors of forage, bedding and services such as haulage and machinery who may be willing to help in the event of a natural weather event or Act of God occurring in the local area
  • Identifies possible storage areas or other locations where emergency activities could be safely and effectively carried out to support Forage Aid in their local area
  • Carries out risk assessments on behalf of Forage Aid of locations being used by the charity
  • Acts as the local contact point for Forage Aid in the local area and communicates regularly with the Trustees on activities locally
  • Upholds the reputation of the Charity with farmers, local stakeholders and media
  • Prepared to support fundraising activities to meet the ongoing and emergency activities of the Charity

Essential requirements

  • Self-motivated with a genuine desire to help farmers and animals in times of needs
  • Good communication skills
  • Flexible and able to commit time during an emergency
  • Has empathy for the farming industry and for people in need at times of severe hardship
  • Has a good network of contacts with local stakeholders who may be able to support farmers and relief efforts in times of crisis (such as local NFU, Young Farmers, auction markets, hauliers and merchants etc)
  • A natural self-starter who is organised, enthusiastic, proactive and willing to help
  • Physically fit and able with a full driving licence

Useful experience

  • Knowledge of livestock production systems and animal welfare
  • Understanding of health and safety principles and preparing of risk assessments

Get involved

Contact us or download this form: Regional Co-ordinator Specification and email it to [email protected]

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